Best 4 Slice Toasters

What’s the nation’s favorite breakfast? We’ll give you a hint - toast is on the list! Everyone loves a scrumptious slice of toast, smeared in butter, jam or any other one of your favorite toppings.

What’s better than 2 slices of toast? Four of them! Of course, nobody wants to go to the effort of putting one lot of toast down, waiting for it to pop and then putting another two slices in and waiting for those to pop. No - there is an option that’s a lot more time-efficient…

Best 4 slice toaster

4 slice toasters truly are a gift from god. These bad boys are becoming more and more popular these days because of the amount of time they save to make toast for the family. The only issue is just that, though - there are a lot of them out there so it can be tricky to know what’s the best option for you. Luckily, we’ve done the research and come up with this list of the best 4 slice toasters out there.

We’ve also created a handy buyer’s guide to help you to know what will be the best option for tasty toast.

Top 5 Best 4 Slice Toasters



This is a fantastic toaster with an attractive design that is sure to be a great addition to any household. The toaster features 4 toaster slots that are encased in a cool touch brushed die cast metal case. It’s been made with a slide out crumb tray that’s user friendly, and it’s even possible to store the cord without it being seen at all. 

It’s actually possible to toast a range of different bread thicknesses using this toaster, so you can toast all things from your standard slice of toast to a bagel! It operates on a voltage of 110-120 volts and on 1600 watt power element. The toaster comes with a lot of additional functions to love too. To start with, it has an LED indicator which allows you to measure the level of toasting. There’s also a sound alert that will tell you when the toast is ready and you can adjust the volume of this based on your individual needs. 

The toaster also comes with a couple of other settings, such as ‘A Bit More,’ ‘Lift and Look,’ ‘Defrost,’ and ‘Bagel.’ It also comes equipped with a 1 year limited warranty making it a fantastic deal and you will have the peace of mind to know you’re having a quality toaster that’s covered by the manufacturer.


  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Concealed cord storage
  • Sound alerts when toast is cooked


  • None!



If you want a toaster that’s going to look really unique in your kitchen, then the KitchenAid KMT422ER 4 Slice Toaster may be the right choice for you. The toaster is not just a pretty face, however, coming with a manual high lift lever and a digital display that are highly modern. 

As far as design is concerned, the toaster features two different color options - liquid graphite and a striking empire red. It also comes with a digital display with electric blue color numbers on a black background. The toaster has a number of different features and functions, such as a Bagel, Defrost, Reheat, Toast and Cancel option. There is a very wide space in the slots too that is fantastic for toasting thicker breads. You can even use it to reheat food or to keep the food warm for longer inside the toaster.

The toaster comes with a 1 year limited warranty to give you extra peace of mind too. It’s fairly lightweight too at only 7.5 pounds in total so you can move it around the kitchen as you see fit without much issue. It’s a great option if you want to inject a little color into the kitchen but you still want plenty of functionality. 


  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Cord storage space at the bottom
  • Wide slots to accommodate different kinds of bread


  • None



The Breville BTA630XL is a trendy looking toaster that will fit in with any modern kitchen. With an impressive capacity and a bunch of settings, you really can’t go wrong with this toaster. 

The toaster comes with extra long slots that can accommodate a range of different bread sizes, and it works on 1600 watts and 110-130 volts. Of course, it comes with a number of functions, which are ‘A Bit More,’ ‘Lift and Look,’ Defrost and Bagel. It also comes with a motorized carriage that has push button controls, and one touch auto lowering and toasting progress LED indicator.

In addition to all of this, the toaster comes with a 1 year limited warranty for extra peace of mind. One thing that should be noted is that the lettering isn’t very permanent, but this is a minor pitfall when you compare it to all of the things that this toaster does well.


  • 5 settings
  • LED progress indicator
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • The lettering on the toaster is not permanent



This stainless steel toaster from Cuisinart truly has a lot to love. Featuring a classic design that’s sure to fit in with any kitchen, the toaster is a great choice for large families that want great toast in an instant.

The toaster is made out of stainless steel, and has 1.5” wide slots inside that will allow you to toast a piece of sliced bread with ease, in addition to other bread products such as French toast, bagels, frozen pancakes and any other toaster pastries. You can also remove the toast with ease due to the high lever.

The toaster comes with limited functions in comparison to the other options on this list, but they do the job. You can obviously alter the shades depending on what you need. It comes with a great 3 year limited warranty too.


  • Retractable cord system
  • Range of toasting functions
  • 3 year limited warranty


  • The bread may not always pop out of the toaster clearly if it’s thicker



This toaster comes with a stainless steel body in two different colors: black and silver. This makes it have a classic look, but the toast you get is definitely a lot better than how this toaster looks!

The toaster is very durable as a whole, and it weighs only 10.25 lbs so it’s fairly easy to carry it around with you. It has a lot of functionality, coming with a side warmer, a tray to warm your meats, a steaming tray for hard boiled eggs and two poaching trays. Not something you would expect from a toaster! The toaster also comes with a high left lever which helps to raise the toast so you can take it out easily. 

The toaster also comes with a bunch of functions, including toast, egg, bagel and defrost functions. You can also use the browning control knob to control the toast time for the amount of toastiness you desire. You can wash the trays in the dishwasher, and the device also comes with 2 crumb trays too. 


  • Browning control knobs
  • Dishwasher safe trays
  • Stainless steel construction


  • Not any to mention

Best 4 Slice Toasters Buying Guide

Why Get a 4 Slice Toaster?

So, why should you trade out your dreary 2 slice toaster for a new, swanky 4 slice toaster? Well, for one - functionality. If you have a large family a 4 slice toaster is a real game changer. They allow you to make a number of different pieces of toast at once.

Does one of your family members like their toast barely browned, while you like yours slightly burned? No problem! With a four slice toaster, you can set different temperatures for each side of the toaster, meaning you don’t need to keep on changing temperatures every single time that you try and make another person a slice of toast.

4 slice toasters also tend to come with a bunch of other cool benefits, some of them can even keep your toast warm if you don’t remove it immediately! 

Things to Consider when Buying a Toaster

Shade Settings

Shade settings are usually represented by the number of minutes that the toaster is going to operate before it pops, but this is not the case for every toaster. Shade settings will usuall give you an indication of how toasted the bread is going to be. Essentially, this means that the higher the scale of the toaster is the more options you will have and the more accurate you are able to be when setting the toast shade. 

Variable Width Slots

This essentially eans that your toaster can fit thick or thin slices better. Essentially, when you press the lever down a metal frame is going to compress and then fit to the slices as it lowers down. This makes sure that the bread is toasted evenly regardless of the thickness, which is also ideal when you’re toasting anything that’s thicker, like bagels for example.

High Lift

The name probably gives this away, but essentially it means that you will be able to push the products higher than they would naturally sit after popping. It also means you will be able to pick them up without worrying about burning your hands.

Crumb Tray

The vast majority of toasters come with removable crumb trays that tend to be hidden around the base. This means that if you do need to clean out the toaster you can start by removing and then emptying the crumb tray, which will catch every crumb that falls as your toast is cooking.


A lot of toasters will also come along with metal racks which will sit on top and let you warm up items such as croissants or rolls. Some other models will offer a sandwich rack that clamps and toasts the sandwich inside. Generally toasters that have accessories like these tend to come with a specific setting for each.

More Time!

Certain brands will give you this feature which tends to go by a few different names, most often something like ‘a bit more’ or ‘a little longer,’ Essentially, this will let your bread toast for a little bit longer if you’re not sold on the toastiness after it’s popped.

Keep Warm

This function will put the toast back into the toaster and will keep it warm until you are ready to eat it. Certain models will do this already without your input.

Check Function

Certain toasters will allow you to be able to see the progress of the toast just in case you are concerned that it’s already browned enough for you. This essentially pauses the toasting as you raise the lever up and it will then continue when you lower it back down.

Digital Display and Timer

Some toasters actually come with a digital display which will let you see how much time is left until your toast is ready with a countdown timer. If you’re juggling a couple of things at once a timer can be particularly handy, and some of them even make a loud beep to alert you that your toast is done. 

Space and Size of the Toaster

The size of toaster that you opt for is largely going to depend on the amount of toasting you plan on doing. Generally smaller toasters are more lightweight and they are easier to use and store. The main issue with these toasters is that they generally aren’t made out of good quality materials and they can breakdown easily, and don’t offer you a lot of service time.

On the other hand, larger toasters weigh a lot more but in turn they are also more durable. They are able to deal with being used constantly without breaking down. You should really think about the amount of space that you have in the kitchen. You don’t really need to buy a unit that will look out of place in your kitchen. Of course if you have a lot of storage space then this need not be a worry for you.

Toast Retriever

You may find that you are in a situation where you are toasting a small piece of bread. This can be a bit of a nuisance sometimes because the bread can get stuck in the toaster, and by the time you can get it out the bread is totally black. For this reason, it can be handy to get a toaster that will allow you to remove bread easily by retrieving it from the machine. You just need to use the lever to raise the bread if it’s ready, or put it back in if it’s not quite there yet.

Cool Exterior

This is not a feature that is present in every single toaster because they are all made out of different materials, but you don’t want to burn yourself on your toaster. If you have a small child that likes to reach out for their food this is an especially important safety feature.

Durability and Construction

You should always consider what kinds of materials the units are made out of. Generally, plastic models are more affordable but they will also wear down more easily. It is possible to get high quality plastic models but this requires you to be particularly savvy in finding them.

As far as metal is concerned, you’re looking at more durability, especially if you opt for a stainless steel model. They tend to be rust proof and will last longer than their plastic brothers. You don’t want to opt for the cheapest model out there and be left disappointed when it wears down.


It should go without saying that the more wattage a toaster has, the better the power is and the faster your bread is going to get toasted. Speed is not the only factor here, however, as some slower wattage toasted don’t create results that are as good either. You should opt for 1800W or higher for a four slice toaster to get the best bang for your buck.

Life Span

Of course, the more you pay for a toaster, the more likely you are to get a toaster made out of high quality materials, good quality construction and good quality elements. You should also always check if the manufacturer offers a repairs service and if it’s possible to replace parts. You can help to make sure that the toaster lasts longer by also emptying the crumb tray on a regular basis.

Color and Style

You can find toasters in pretty much any color and design out there, so it’s definitely a good idea to check that the toaster is going to fit in with your kitchen style. If you really like your appliances to match, look out for a toaster that also has a matching kettle.

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