Best Crepe Makers

A crepe maker is a great way of satisfying all of those sweet or savory needs. You may think that crepes can only be made to perfection if they are cooked in a fancy restaurant or dessert parlor, but this isn't the case. 

You can create some delicious crepes from the comfort of your own home all within a matter of minutes using a crepe maker. A good quality crepe maker is going to see you through many uses while working to create the most delicious tasting crepes. 

We have taken the hard work out of the process for you and browsed the market for our top five picks of the best crepe makers. 

Are you in a hurry and simply desperate to begin experimenting with some fun crepe recipes? If so, we have selected our top pick for you below. 

Best Crepe Makers



Create some delicious delicate crepes using this quick and easy 12" non-stick crepe maker by CucinaPro. Courtesy of the non-stick surface you can make your crepes without the worry of any excess ingredients or mixture clinging to the grill surface. 

Thanks to the 5 different temperature settings you can choose the best option that you require giving you complete control throughout the crepe making process.

Along with the crepe maker itself, the batter spreader is also included, which is essential particularly when it comes to creating crepes of a thinner consistency. You will also receive some tasty recipes providing some inspiration for creating some exciting new crepes. 

Impressively, the aluminum plate can also double up as a griddle which makes it great for cooking pancake stacks and other ingredients that you may choose to use to compliment your crepes.

Designed with on and off indicators you can see when the plate has reached its maximum heat and when it is ready for you to begin using. 


  • The rubber feet provide additional stability so you can place this maker onto your counter without the risk of it falling or moving when it is in use.
  • Usefully, this maker can be wiped clean after use so you don't have to worry about the build-up of unwanted mess and ingredients. 
  • This crepe maker also comes equipped with a batter spreader and recipe ideas for inspiration with your creations. 
  • The choice of five different temperature settings allows you to select the best option for creating your chosen crepes. 
  • This crepe maker heats up quickly so you don't have to wait for long before making your crepes.


  • The temperature settings are quite powerful so it may take some familiarisation to select the correct temperature for creating your crepes to your standard. 



The NutriChef non-stick electric crepe maker creates some tasty crepes that the whole family can enjoy. This maker is a great versatile product that can also be used for cooking bacon and eggs.

Packed with 1200 Watts of power, you can create your crepes within a matter of minutes and this high powered cooking element ensures that your crepes are going to be cooked to perfection. 

Courtesy of its compact size, this maker is suitable for traveling and is also going to fit nicely onto your kitchen countertop with consuming a lot of room. This also makes it easier to store in between uses, which is convenient if you are restricted in available space. Featuring a 2.5-foot power cord, this is an ideal size if you should need to insert the plug into mains that are situated a short distance across your kitchen countertops. 

Designed with a rotary temperature dial, you are in full control of creating your crepes and you can opt for the best temperature that is needed.. Usefully, this crepe maker also features an LED indicator that alerts you when your maker has reached temperature.

Thanks to the 12-inch cooking surface you can create some bigger crepes if you're feeling a little peckish but this also comes in handy if you have a group of people to make crepes for. 

With a non-stick aluminum cooking plate, the cleaning up process is stress-free, taking the hassle out of clearing up any remaining or excess ingredients that have got stuck when cooking. 


  • This is a versatile crepe maker that can be used to create some tasty breakfasts and you can cook eggs and bacon if you choose.
  • The adjustable dial allows you to set the correct temperature ensuring that they are thoroughly cooked to perfection.
  • Equipped with a wooden spatula and batter spreader, you have all of the tools that are needed.
  • Impressively, this maker features ultra-quiet operation so it is unlikely to cause any disruption when it is in use. 
  • Designed with a non-stick cooking surface the hassle is taken out of the cleaning process.


  • This maker can take some time to reach your desired temperature which may be inconvenient for individuals who don't have a lot of time to spare.



This Chefman Electric Crepe maker provides a quick and simple way to satisfy those sweet or savory breakfast cravings. Designed with a 12-inch non-stick surface, this maker is ideal for catering to larger families if needed. It also doubles up as a great multifunctional tool. Not only is it perfect for making crepes, it functions as a griddle too, a great way to satisfy your lunch and dinner cravings.

The precise temperature control knob leaves you in full control throughout the cooking process allowing you to select the correct temperature for creating your crepes. 

Impressively the 'power' and 'ready' LED indicators inform you when the maker is functioning and when it has reached your chosen temperature so that you can begin using it. 

Following use, thanks to the non-stick aluminum surface, this maker is super easy to clean and isn't going to collect any unwanted mess or ingredients that have built up throughout the process.

Impressively, the cord wraps around the maker itself which accounts for convenient storage when not in use and also reduces the likeliness of the wires becoming damaged when it is not in use. 


  • Doubling up as a crepe maker and griddle you have the flexibility to create a range of tasty dishes. 
  • Included with this maker is a wooden spatula and batter spreader so you are equipped with all the tools that are needed for an efficient cooking process.
  • Impressively, this crepe maker is backed with a 30 day no questions money-back guarantee if you should happen to be dissatisfied with your purchase.
  • The non-stick surface takes the stress and hassle out of cleaning.
  • Courtesy of its compact size, it is easy to store in between uses. 


  • Unfortunately, this crepe maker takes a while to cook the crepes thoroughly. 



The moss and stone electric crepe maker provide a fun way of making some tasty crepes in as little as 20 seconds. Impressively, you can use this crepe maker to cook a range of tasty foods aside from crepes, this may be tortillas, tacos, egg rolls, or chapati. 

Designed with an automatic temperature controller you can make your crepes without the worry of them burning midway through the process. The inclusion of the LED lights indicates when the maker is powered and also informs you when your maker has reached your chosen temperature and is ready for cooking.

With an 8" cooking surface you can make some tasty restaurant-style crepes and the compact design means that it can be stored away easily in between uses. Particularly useful if you have a limited amount of space available.

The thought of cleaning up a messy cooking surface following the use of this crepe maker needn't be a concern thanks to the non-stick surface which takes the hassle and mess away. Simply use a damp cloth following use and wipe it until it's clean.


  • Retailing at an affordable price, this crepe maker is great value for money.
  • The automatic temperature control settings ensure that your crepes aren't going to burn during the cooking process.
  • Uniquely designed with a long handle that you can hold onto you are given full control during the cooking process. 
  • Designed with LED indicators you are alerted when your maker is ready to be used.
  • The different temperature settings leaves you in complete control of the cooking process.


  • Unfortunately, on some occasions, the batter doesn't stick to the bowl so that it will cook evenly which makes it a little inconvenient. 



With a 12" electric, non-stick cooking surface, this iSiLER crepe maker is a great appliance that gives you the power to create some tasty crepes. Packed with an impressive 1080 watts of power you can be assured that this is a great quality product that offers instant heating and a way of cooking your pancakes within minutes. Courtesy of the electric thermostat you can cook your crepes to the exact standard that you like them.

The large 12" cooking surface evenly heats providing you with plenty of room to create some decent sized crepes that are uniformly and thoroughly cooked to perfection.

Impressively, this crepe maker isn't going to overheat. Designed with overheat protection technology, this maker isn't going to exceed 20 degrees. This ensures that your crepes aren't going to get burnt and your appliance isn’t going to overheat.

The non-stick aluminum cooking plate allows you to create some tasty crepes without the hassle of cleaning up lots of mess afterwards. Simply wipe down the surface once you have finished cooking and it is then ready for future uses. 


  • The inclusion of an E shaped pipe accounts for even and effective heat distribution to create perfectly, well-cooked crepes.
  • The overheat protection feature ensures that your crepe maker always remains at a safe heat and it isn't going to get burned during the cooking process.
  • Thanks to the non-stick aluminum surface, this crepe maker is easy to clean after use.
  • Packed with 1080 watts of power you can create your favorite crepes within minutes.
  • Designed with an anti-slip rubber base your unit will remain in a steady and secure position on your countertops without any disruptions as you make your crepes.


  • This crepe maker retails at a slightly higher price making it our most expensive choice so far. Therefore it may not be ideal for individuals on a budget. 

Best Crepe Makers Buying Guide

A crepe maker is a fun way of bringing your favorite, delicious crepe recipes to life within minutes. However, when browsing the market it can sometimes be a little difficult to narrow the array of choices down to your final pick. Below we have outlined some useful tips to help you select the best quality crepe maker with the capacity to create some decent sized tasty crepes. 

The temperature settings

All crepe makers will include temperature settings of some kind whether this is automatic or adjustable controls. Typically a rotary knob or dial will be included in the design of a crepe maker and this gives you complete control throughout the cooking process, allowing you to select the correct temperature to cook your crepes to perfection. Some will have more easily distinguishable settings labeling them 1 through to 5 so you have a more clear indication in regards to the specific temperature that you are selecting.

The Size of the cooking surface

Typically, the size of the cooking surface will range from 8" to 12" as these are the most popular options available on the market. The smaller cooking surfaces allow you to create crepes that resemble some restaurant-style crepes whilst those with larger cooking surfaces are ideal for creating larger crepes. This is particularly useful if you are cooking for a family. 

The LED Indicators

These indicators are particularly useful in alerting you of the status of your crepe maker. Some will include power indicators that inform you when your crepe maker is on or off and almost all will include indicators that alert you when your crepe maker has reached your desired temperature and it is ready to be used. 


Whilst the process of using your crepe maker itself is fun, the cleaning up afterwards can often seem a little daunting. The last thing you want to be faced with is excess ingredients stuck to the cooking surfaces providing you with a challenge when you attempt to clean up. Almost all crepe makers are designed with non-stick plates which are super convenient. These plates typically tend to be made from aluminum and you simply need to wipe them over using a damp cloth after use until they are clean and ready for future uses.

Heat up and cooking time 

When you’re excited to use your crepe maker, you don’t want to be waiting a while for it to reach your chosen temperature. Most have quick heat-up times and are ready to use within minutes. The cook time is also important. The appeal of crepe makers to many is the ability to create these tasty items within minutes. They are commonly sought after for their convenience. In most cases, your crepes will be cooked within minutes,ensuring each side is cooked thoroughly to perfection. Any longer than a couple of minutes is going to be relatively time-consuming for you. 


The majority of crepe makers are very versatile serving multi-functional purposes. Doubling up as a griddle they are suitable for cooking other tasty breakfast ingredients too. This may include bacon, eggs, etc. Courtesy of their versatility, there is a great range in what you can create using your maker and their capabilities are far more expansive than creating crepes alone. This is also handy if you are cooking for larger groups or your family as you have all of the space that is needed for cooking your chosen ingredients.

The Size of your Crepe Maker

The size of your product greatly influences how convenient it is to store in between uses. Thankfully they tend to be relatively small in size and courtesy of their compact build they are easy to store when not in use. Particularly beneficial if you don't have a lot of space available in your kitchen. Their compact size also makes it easier to transport when needed as they consume very little room. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Crepe Makers Worth it?

If you are only likely to be using your crepe maker on an irregular basis you may find a mid-range model to be appropriate for your needs. They serve the intended purpose, with all of the basic features incorporated into the design that will ensure that you can make some delicious tasting crepes. However, crepes are extremely versatile and can be made to satisfy both your sweet and savory cravings, boding well with a range of ingredients. Therefore, you may find yourself getting much more use out of your crepe maker than you imagine. 

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