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The healthy eating craze has taken the US by storm. In 2019 alone, 175.21 million Americans consumed smoothies and yogurts, with many opting for smoothies because they’re quick to make, easy to drink, and a convenient way to boost your immune system and get your daily dose of nutritional goodness. 

It can be hard to stay healthy on the go. We don’t always have time to make a smoothie in the morning or the night before, and there’s always the concern of your cup leaking in your bag. That’s where the portable blender comes in; portable blenders allow you to pack up and take your healthy lifestyle wherever you go. They’re extremely versatile, compact, and convenient, with many of them now charged through a simple USB port for ultra ease.

Portable blenders are great for whipping up fresh smoothies on the go or in the office, pureeing baby food, or whizzing up a quick protein shake after a workout. They can even be used for making your favorite cocktail! They’re small enough to fit in a bag, are cordless, lightweight, and easy to charge via a USB based power pack, regular plug, computer, or even a car USB port. This makes them lightweight enough to carry, take with you in the car or in a backpack or purse, or simply keep in your office. 

The size of these blenders makes them ideal for traveling, taking abroad, and camping, meaning you don’t have to go without your favorite food and drink just because you’re not at home. Another great feature of portable blenders is their 2-in-1 design which means unlike many regular blenders, there’s no need to transfer your blended drink into a smaller cup, which not only saves you time and inconvenience but saves you cleaning too - which is always a bonus. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about these nifty products taking the health world by storm, then keep reading. We’ve put together a list of our favorite 5 portable blenders and have put together a handy Buyer’s Guide and frequently asked questions section, so you can make an informed purchase. 

In a hurry? Don’t fret; find our top pick below:

Best Portable Blender



If you’re looking for a portable blender that is powerful enough to blend ice in smoothies or cocktails, then this compact but powerful blender from Geohee will do the trick. 

With six stainless steel blades, you’ll be able to effortlessly blend 13-15 drinks on a full charge. This blender is made from high-quality materials and is built to last. The cup body and fuselage are seamlessly connected to ensure water can’t easily leak, while it's also resilient to being knocked about and the cup won’t smash easily like glass, making it perfect for carrying around in your bag or traveling. 

This blender is also great for using early in the morning or late at night thanks to its low-noise motor, which means you don’t have to worry about waking other family members, especially little ones. 

This also has a quick charging time, taking just 3-4 hours to reach its full battery capacity, meaning you can charge it quickly and effortlessly through the convenient USB port from your laptop, in the car, or even in your office. 


  • Durable materials and drop-resistant 
  • Six stainless steel blades 
  • Will blend ice 
  • Low-noise 
  • Quick charging time


  • Motor speed is 18000 rpm/min, which is not the fastest



Don't be fooled by its name, as this blender isn’t just for babies, though it is perfect for pureeing baby food on the go. One thing that sets this product apart is that you can blend while charging, meaning you don’t have to worry about ensuring your blender is always charged, or about it cutting out on you mid-blend. 

It’s also dishwasher safe, which saves time and means you can get a thorough clean after every use. This blender also packs a lot of fruit and vegetables in a compact bottle - with a 17 oz capacity which surpasses your average portable blender - though it’s still lightweight enough to carry from one place to the other, weighing just 1.3 lbs. 

Despite being small, this blender easily cuts through ice, providing you ensure the pieces are smaller than your average ice cubes. But don’t fret - PopBabies provide you with a tailor-made ice-tray so you can easily blend ice, as well as a funnel to make it easier to filter your fruit and vegetables into the cup. 


  • 17 oz capacity makes it bigger than most on the market 
  • Perfect for baby food 
  • Allows simultaneous charging and blending 
  • Free funnel and ice tray 
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Four blades rather than 6 



This cute pink design from Tenswall will make the perfect gift for a health-conscious partner, friend, or family member. With a 380ml capacity, it’s perfect for blending smoothies and baby food on the go. The upgraded version of this product includes 6 blades for easy blending of small pieces of ice and frozen fruit. 

It takes just 3 hours to fully charge via a laptop or USB plug and this will give it enough power for 12 uses. Despite its size, it packs a punch with a powerful 22,000 high rotation speed for quick and easy blending. 

You may have some difficulty blending bigger pieces of fruit or ice in the Tenswall, however for the price it can’t be dismissed. Thanks to the handy carry cord it’s perfect for carrying by itself or small enough to fit in your purse or bag. 


  • One button operation 
  • Self-cleaning option 
  • Cord for carrying 
  • 22,000 rotation power 
  • Quick charging 
  • Affordable


  • Not powerful enough to blend bigger chunks of fruit and ice easily



This portable blender is great for traveling and day trips thanks to its silicone bottom which has a non-slip feature and added shock-absorption. 6 304 stainless steel blades will easily whizz up smoothies, juice blends, coffee, milk powder, protein shakes, and baby food.

 3-5 hours of charge will produce 15-20 cups of juice, and the pure copper motor will easily blend your produce in just one minute. Made of eco-friendly, food-grade non-toxic PCTG material which is BPA free, this blender features an easy self-cleaning function where you simply press the button twice in rapid succession to start cleaning. 

The Supkitdin blender also features a handy drinking spout so it’s easy to drink from on-the-go, and you won’t need to pour your drink into a separate cup. It also has a handy strap for carrying, making it perfect for taking to the gym to whip up a protein shake or smoothie after your workout, and at 1.1 pounds, it’s extremely lightweight to carry. 


  • 6 stainless steel blends 
  • Copper motor 22000 rpm
  • Produces 15-20 cups of juice per charge 
  • Silicone for non-slip and shock absorption 
  • Super lightweight and has a strap for carrying 
  • Self-cleaning


  • Slightly longer charging than some other models 



This fun and easy portable blender from Aoozi has six powerful stainless steel blades and runs at 22,000 rpm, swiftly crushing ice, fruit, and vegetables in 30 seconds flat. 

On 3-5 hours full charge, this blender supports the blending of 20 drinks, and can easily be charged via a power bank, wall charger or any other USB port, making it extremely portable and convenient for traveling, fishing, and home and office use. 

Another benefit of this product is that it’s made from PA-free, food-grade eco-friendly PCTG material making it especially suitable and safe for blending baby food. It also takes health and safety into consideration and will stop blending automatically when the base and cup are not properly assembled. 

This blender is operated with an easy on/off button making it very user friendly. It also features a simple, one-button cleaning function where you can pour some water into the blender and double click the ON/OFF button to automatically clean your blender. As well as a USB cable, it also comes with a handy brush for cleaning. 


  • Easy to operate 
  • 20 times blending on 2-5 hours full charge
  • PA free 
  • Six blades that easily crush ice 
  • 30 second blending 
  • Cheap


  • Some users found this product to have a short life-span 
  • Not dishwasher safe 

Best Portable Blender Buying Guide


For a portable blender, your number one priority is going to be...yep, you guessed it - portability. One thing to bear in mind is the difference between “personal” blenders which can look compact and portable but which are actually tethered to a power supply, so cannot be used on the go with the same ease as a USB-rechargeable blender. It’s also worth considering the size - 380ml is the standard capacity for a portable blender, though models will vary in terms of weight and versatility. Many portable blenders feature a 2-in-1 design where the blender is actually the drinking cup, too, saving you time on washing up. You may also want to look out for features such as a strap or handle for easy carrying, or a spout to make the cup easier to drink out of while on-the-go. 


You’re going to want something that is easy to clean as you may not always have access to a proper sink and soap to clean your blender straight away. Many portable designs take this into account and feature a one-button self-cleaning feature which basically allows you to fill the cup with water and quickly whiz this around to clean it. 

Many also come with handy cleaning brushes for hard-to-reach areas. Most portable blenders won’t be dishwasher friendly - so always check this before putting yours in the dishwasher. However, if you’re looking to save time and want to achieve a thorough clean every time - or if you might not be able to clean your blender straight after using it - it’s worth looking for one that is dishwasher friendly, as this way you won’t run the risk of getting residue leftover that may build up an odor over time. 


The power of your portable blender depends on what you intend to use it for. Most portable blenders aren’t designed to crush up big chunks of fruit and ice, so it’s best to cut these up into small pieces before you leave the house, if possible. Generally, these kind of blenders will have four to six blades, and the more blades, the better it’ll cut up your fruit and vegetables. For blending smoothies and baby food on the go, you’ll definitely want something that offers at least 22,000 rpm. 


Always ensure your blender is USB compatible - otherwise, it’s probably not portable! Make sure you don’t confuse portable blenders with personal or single-use ones, as these may be smaller than your average blender, however, they may have a cord meaning they’re not portable - and many manufacturers don’t always show the cord in Amazon photos.

USB blenders can easily be charged via a USB power bank, a USB plug that connects to a regular socket, or a USB input in your laptop or cell phone. This makes it incredibly convenient for taking into the office or charging while you’re out and about. If you’re going traveling or camping, it’s worth considering the battery life of your blender and how many times it can be used on a full charge. Alternatively, you could purchase a relatively cheap USB power bank for easy charging on the go. It’s worth bearing in mind that most blenders can’t be used while charging, so you’ll want to make sure it’s charged up before use. However, there are a few select products out there that do offer this multi-functioning feature. 

Price and quality

The key to remember with portable blenders is that you’re paying for the portable feature over anything else. You’ll find that most portable blenders available online range between $20-$40. They often won’t be as powerful as a regular blender, and this is because a smaller blender = yep, you guessed it, a smaller motor and therefore less power. 

So before you buy, think about what you need the blender for. If you’re looking to make smoothies or baby food on the go, and need something lightweight that gets the job done, then a portable blender could be your new best friend. However, if you’re looking for something to use at home, and want to make more complex blends like hummus and pesto or smoothies containing lots of leafy greens and ice, it’s worth investing in a high-quality blender like a Ninja or NutriBullet, as these will blend things more easily. 

At the end of the day, portable blenders will generally be cheaper because you’re paying for less blender. While there are still some excellent models out there which use high-quality materials, the main feature you should look for is something lightweight and portable, which is powerful enough to blend basic smoothies, baby food dishes, or juices.

Frequently Asked Questions  

What is the best portable blender?

There’s a whole range of portable blenders out there to choose from, and while some offer extra features, most good quality options offer six blades and a rotation speed of around 22,000 rpm. Our favorite portable blender on the market at the moment is the Geohee Portable Blender, thanks to its durable design, quiet but powerful engine, and quick charging ability.  

Do portable blenders work?

Yes, portable blenders are great for whipping up simple smoothies or purees on the go, but as we mentioned above, due to their size and portability, they will often be less powerful than bigger and more expensive blenders. That’s not to say they don’t pack a punch, however, and as you can see from our top 5 listed above, there are plenty of portable blenders out there that can whiz through fruit, vegetables, and even ice quite effortlessly.  

Some people may report issues with their blender, and, while this may occasionally be a manufacturing fault, it could be that the blender is not charged up enough to work, or that the cup isn’t properly screwed into the blender - as many have a safety feature meaning they won’t work unless properly attached. 

Can I take a portable blender on a plane?

You can take a portable blender on a plane in your carry-on luggage, though generally, the rule is that you must remove the blades, as these are of course considered “sharp objects.” 

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