Best Sparkling Water Makers

For the tastiest water right from the comfort of your own home, you can’t go wrong with a sparkling water maker. A sparkling water maker will allow you to change smooth water into carbonated water, and all it does is put a bit of carbon dioxide in the tap water through a certain carbonation process. From there, you will have tasty sparkling water and soda all day long!

Best Sparkling Water Makers

Of course, there are a bunch of sparkling water makers on the market so it can be a little bit tricky to know what the best option will be for you. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Read on for more information about the best sparkling water makers on the market. We’ve also written a handy buyer’s guide to help you to narrow down your decision.

Top 5 Best Sparkling Water Makers



The second you see the KitchenAid KSS1121ER Sparkling Beverage Maker, you’ll notice the eye catching design. Of course, that’s not all there is to this device! It boasts fantastic functionality that you’re sure to enjoy when making delicious beverages for the whole family. 

The device is made out of high quality materials that are perfect for regular use. There are absolutely no durability concerns here either, As far as functionality goes, the device has been specifically made to help you create the best sparkling water beverages. It comes with a carbonation lever with a soft grip handle, and this means that it is simple to toggle the on and off water flow. It even works with SodaStream products and a bunch of different flavors.

The device is truly impeccable in the performance department, too, and the brand has taken every care to ensure the enjoyment and safety of its customers. If you want a truly impressive sparkling water maker, you may well have met your match with this!


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used with soda and some other drinks


  • None!



The Drinkmate Beverage Carbonation Maker is an incredibly durable machine that boats a sleek, attractive design that you’re sure to love. It has a lot to offer, with a bunch of functionality and features to suit any family and kitchen.

To start with, the machine features an adjustable toggle for the mouth of the carbonator which will allow you to move it downwards or upwards as you see fit. As we mentioned, the design is very sturdy, consisting of a thick material that protects the carbonator inside. You aren’t only able to make sparkling water with this machine, however. It allows you to carbonate a range of different beverages!

In addition to this, the Fizz infuser feature included will let users have the utmost control over the carbonation level of the drink and the amount of CO2 released in order to get the best possible carbonation. You also don’t need electricity or batteries to operate this device. 


  • Doesn’t take up much space
  • Portable 
  • Doesn’t require electricity to operate


  • You can’t store as much water inside



The flawless design of the SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit is enough for any sparkling water and soda lover to enjoy. Indeed, the device features a silver and black color scheme that looks immense with most any kitchen, and it truly does capture your attention.

The device is made out of high quality stainless steel so it’s pretty durable and long lasting. It also has really cool safety and cooling capabilities so you can have an enjoyable experience making the sparkling water.

The device comes with a number of things, including the sparkling water maker, a mini CO2 carbonator that’s able to create up to 9L or sparkling water, a glass carafe and a 60 liter CO2 carbonator main. You also do not need to have any batteries or electricity to operate the unit, and it’s very simple to use.  This is a cost efficient option in the long term, though it should be noted that many may be put off by the slightly more expensive price tag.


  • Easy to use
  • Cost efficient in the long run
  • Can hold up to 60 liters of drinks


  • May be a little expensive for some



Do you want utterly delectable sparkling water in no time? The Soda Stream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker has got you covered! This device is available in either a sleek black or a white variant that looks stunning. But of course, you’re not here to hear about the design, are you?

If functionality is what you’re looking for, you’ve found it! The manufacturers have used high quality plastic to create this beauty of a machine, and it doesn’t snap very easily even when you use it a lot. There’s even a warranty you can take advantage of. 

In addition to this, the sparkling water maker comes with easy snap lock technology that will clip the bottle onto the machine with ease. You can use it pretty much anywhere because it’s so portable, and it has a large capacity too. We were in awe of the performance of this device too, it’s certainly highly reliable. You are definitely getting your money’s worth with this purchase.


  • Portable enough to put it anywhere you want
  • Lightweight design
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Some minor quality issues



If you want to give your kitchen an updated look with a swanky looking soda maker, take a look at the FIZZpod water maker! This sparkling water maker comes with one carbonator, three caps, three PET bottles, a Fizz infuser and a manual, air charge patent and two auto relief valves.

The maker features a non toxic bottle that is totally safe to use, made out of high quality plastic. It has a compact yet attractive design that will fit in with pretty much any kitchen interior. It’s pretty easy to use, and all it does is carbonate the water and then releases the excess pressure from the bottle. All you need to do to use it is push the lever down, then hold it until a buzzing noise occurs, then release the lever. 

In addition to this, the sparkling water maker comes with a 60 liter carbonator cartridge which is perfect for medium sized groups. You don’t need any electricity to use it either, so it’s definitely a good choice for economic purposes!


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • No electricity required


  • The carbonator cartridge needs to be bought separately.

Best Sparkling Water Makers Buying Guide

Benefits of Sparkling Water

There are a lot of different benefits to drinking sparkling water. For example, sparkling water will keep you hydrated. It can also help to avoid constipation due to the contents of carbonated water. 

In addition to this, sparling water can help to lower blood pressure. This is because sparkling water contains magnesium and calcium, and these things help you to lower blood pressure. It can also help to ease stomach issues.

Things to Remember

There are a few things you should consider before investing in a sparkling water maker. For example, if you plan on carbonating water on a regular basis then it will be important to make sure that you use device with a large capacity carbonator. You may also wish to opt for something with custom carbonization. 


If you’re thinking of giving your soda machine pride of place in the middle of your kitchen, we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that looks are a little bit important! You should look at getting a device that has a color and design that you like.

In addition to this, look out for the bottle fill marking on the design. This will help you to know how much water you should put in, which can help you to make the best possible sparkling water.

Frequency of Use

Before you try to buy a sparkling water maker, you should always think about the amount you are going to be using the device. Are you planning on making sparkling water every single day, or is it going to be a device that you only use every once in a while?

Of course, depending on what your answer is, you can choose an option for you based on the volume of the gas cylinder. A gas cylinder is essentially what will be a container for the CO2 recharge that turns the water into sparkling water. If you are going to be using the device a lot or if you are making drinks for a large family, a gas canister of 50 liters should be sufficient for you. Some devices are even able to accommodate up to 130 liters of sparkling water due to the cylinder used. 

You should also clarify whether it’s easy to get refills from your local stores once the bottle is emptied out. Every brand will have their own specific bottle so when you need to get a replacement you will need to ensure you get the right one for you. 

If you’re only making sparkling water every once in a while, you may be better suited to a sparkling water maker with small individual cartridges. On the other hand, it will cost you more money for the gas refill over time so theoretically a larger capacity is going to save you more money through time.

Amount of Carbonation

Usually the best sparkling water makers will provide you with two different levels of carbonization, which is essentially the amount of gas that you plan on injecting into the drink.

Because of this, it’s worth considering a sparkling water maker that comes with a fas level meter as without one it will be much trickier to figure out the current levels of CO2 in the bottle.

Bottle Fixing

Generally, sparkling water makers will have you fix the bottles on by screwing. Sure, this works okay, but it does take a while and you will need to align the bottle in just the right kind of way. It can be tricky to remove in the case of high CO2 pressure, too. Fortunately, there are options out there that provide you with clip fasteners which are much easier to use and will help yo keep the bottles neatly in place. 

Easy to Use

If you want your sparkling water machine to be easy to use then you should try to opt for one that is compact and lightweight. It’s also handy to get one that can operate without electric power or battery, as they are more environmentally friendly and will save you money.

It’s also handy to look for options that can operate with just the push of a button. In addition, if you do want to make a number of drinks and not just sparkling water, there are some manufacturers that will let you put some flavor additive in. Some of them will also let you carbonate pretty much any liquid, not only water. Oh, the things you could do! 

Best Sparkling Water Makers FAQ's

How do you use a soda maker?

The answer to this can largely depend on the model and brand that you have bought. For instance, if you have a siphon it is going to need a little CO2 cartridge that will need to be inserted into the siphone. This will then be fastened onto the top of the bottle of liquid that you are planning to turn into sparkling water. Usually a soda making appliance will feature a carbonator and you will generally be able to alter the amount of carbonation that you need. So, if you like your sparkling water fizzy, but your best friend doesn’t like it that fizzy, you can alter it based on what one person needs.

In addition to this, every brand will have its own unique refill system so you will need to check that first. And, also depending on brand, you will have either a snap lock or a twist on mechanism. You won’t get as much efficiency from a twist on lock and they can be more difficult to operate, but a snap lock will allow you to push the bottle easily into position so you can make your sparkling water.

Can you carbonate drinks that have gone flat again?

Technically yes, you can re-carbonate drinks that have gone flat. With that being said, you should be careful about this because sparkling water makers are designed to carbonate water. If you attempt to re-carbonate the water you may have a bit of a sticky situation on your hands - namely, the liquid may end up all over the kitchen, which will require quite the effort to clean! 

Can you only carbonate water?

The first sparkling water makers were made for you to be able to carbonate water, but it is possible to carbonate most liquids. It’s possible to carbonate fruit juices, wine, cocktails, liquors, tea - and more, you name it! You should remember, however, that not everything is going to taste great when it’s carbonated, and the sparkling water maker likely was not designed for you to do this either, so check your warranty and make sure you’re careful! 

How do you clean a sparkling water maker?

You may think that you don’t need to clean your sparkling water maker because you’re putting water in it - think again! The plastic can become foggy after a while so it’s important to clean the sparkling water maker regularly and properly. You also can’t clean the sparkling water makers in a dishwasher, and it can be somewhat tricky to clean inside them because the entrance at the top of the bottle is quite small. 

To start with, when you are cleaning your sparkling water maker, always check the manufacturer’s guide to see what the specific instructions are for your device. You should also check the use by date - it will likely be 3 years from the date you purchased it. 

If you do plan on using the sparkling water on a daily basis, you should try to clean the bottles every day. All you need to do to clean it is fill the container from the tap to around 25% of the bottle, put the lid on it and shake it vigorously. If you have been using colorants then you may see an almost sand like residue on the bottom. All you need to do with this is squirt some liquid soap into the cylinders, fill them to around 25 of the capacity with warm water and shake. You can repeat this as needed to thoroughly clean it. 

In general though, the sparkling water maker in itself shouldn’t require a lot of maintenance or cleaning because there is only one part that can be removed, and the rest of the mechanics are inside. If you have left it out in the open for a while though it may get dirty, so just wipe it over with damp clothing before you use it again. 

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